Core Values

Our Core Values help drive the mission of taking the unchanging love of Christ to an ever-changing world and provide guidance as God develops Rockside Church.

Simple communication with God, or prayer, is the lifeline that keeps us going. Talking with God is the most important conversation you can have. Prayer is to the Christ-follower what breathing is to the body and we move to keep our hearts breathing through prayer. Without prayer, we're just another organization.

Contemporary and passionate worship creates an environment that welcomes God and helps us connect with Him. In this type of atmosphere, individual needs are met and people are refreshed.

Biblical Worldview
In the foundation of this church is a passion to help spread the Good News of Christ around the world through giving, sending, praying and going.

Empowering People For Ministry
Every follower of Christ is most fulfilled when serving. We strive to equip, support, release and empower every person to serve God.

Care For Leadership
The person of the leader is more important than the work he or she does. Genuine ministry is simply an overflow from the life of a leader that is well cared for and connected to Christ.

Missionaries to the City
We care deeply about the people in our local community. We strive to connect, serve and build bridges of relationship -- bridges upon which the good news of Christ can be carried.

Less is more when done well and with purpose. We streamline church activities so believers have more time to foster relationships with Christ, their family and the people who need to see God's loved lived out before them.

Church doesn't have to be a place where pretending and hiding occur. We offer a place where every person can find love, acceptance, and unmerited favor.