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Looking to start a spiritual journey with God, looking for daily devotional to help you grow in your faith, looking for a Bible-reading chart to help you read throughout the year - then check these options out:

Spiritual Journey - Following Jesus

Billy Graham
The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association offers good advice on finding and following Jesus at:

Follow Christ
The most important decision we make in this life is where we'll spend our eternal life. When we have made that choice, we're not only prepared to die...we're finally prepared to live. This site is designed to help you understand who Jesus is and why people follow Him. A spiritual journey is not just 'religion' - it's a relationship with God.

How to Fast in a Healthy Way
Bill Bright gives a one-page set of guidelines so you fast in a way that's healthy and not harmful physicially.

On-line discipleship
Seekers of Christ from around the world have access to interactive learning, audio feed, video and free down loads. If you are hungry to grow in Christ from the privacy of your home, check out the options at this site.

Pure Hope
Our vision is a world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness, and we work toward that through our mission of providing Christian solutions in a sexualized culture. In short, we equip individuals, families, and churches to pursue sexual purity and oppose sexual exploitation.

Want to learn more about fasting?
This is a great sight with lots of help for those doing a fast. Check it out!

Resolving Everyday Conflict

Peace Maker
Got conflict? Everyone does...and it negatively impacts our lives on a daily basis. Conflict happens in the workplace, at home, and in everyday relationships. Learn principles for resolving everyday conflict, wherever it occurs, more effectively!


Global Initiative
Want to learn more about ministry to Muslims...and how to pray more effectively for them?  This site has free downloadable materials on ministering to Muslims as well as a free sign up for Intercede Magazine with news and prayer updates and testimonies regarding concerning the Muslim world.

Jumaa Prayer Iniative
Global Initiative's Jumaa Prayer Fellowship asks believers around the world to commit to fast one meal a week, preferably Friday at noon, and pray for Muslims.  Visit the website below to get prayer updates!

Daily Devotional

Devotional Study
If you would like to add a daily study to help you grow as a Christian try:

Lectio Divina For Adults
Lectio Divina For Adults

Lectio Divina For Kids
Lectio Divina For Kids

RBC Ministries Devotional

Bible Questions and Search Options

Bible Questions
If you have Bible-related questions search the by topic at:

Search Bible
Search the Bible for topics or by specific verse at:

Assemblies of God

Rockside Beliefs
Rockside Church is a Christian church affiliated with the Assemblies of God. For a detailed description of our statement of beliefs, and perspectives on contemporary issues, log on to:

Role of Women in Ministry
Since the earliest days of our Fellowship, spiritual gifting has been evident in the ministries of many outstanding women who pioneered and directed a wide spectrum of ministries. Learn more from AG by clicking the link.