Message From Our PastorPastor Donna Barrett


THERE'S NOTHING BETTER THAN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD! If a church could only choose one service to provide its attendees, I would choose helping people get into God's presence for themselves.  For when a person is able to talk to God directly and hear from God for themselves, everything else falls into place.

For example, during our POWER LUNCH BREAKS this fall, I shared with our team that our role is like that of an excellent table waiter.  At a restaurant, two friends are at the table to enjoy one another's company. The waiter describes options, listens to the customer, serves efficiently but then steps back and stays out of the way so the two friends can talk and enjoy their visit.

If you've ever had a waiter that hovered over your table feeling the need to entertain, or the other extreme, disappeared and ignored your needs, you know how that can work against the visit with you and your guest. Have you had a waiter interrupt at a critical time in a heavy conversation or ask a question just when you took a bite of food? It can be funny at times but you get the idea.

Similarly, our goal was to provide a time and space, get the word out, put out coffee and tea knowing people were on their break, provide live worship music, give leadership by reading a scripture or leading out in prayer periodically and help people be able to visit with the Lord.  We would see people reading their Bible, writing in their prayer journal, kneeling, walking, drawing, sitting or singing along at times, however they could be connect with their friend, Jesus Christ.  Sure there were times when we would corporately gain encouragement from one another in the room. And it was unto connect with God and hearing from God.

I hope we get the pleasure of serving you as you enjoy the presence of the Creator of the Universe, God Almighty.

Donna Barrett